checklistOne of the greatest advancements in human resources is the development of the “job description.” The job description is usually created after close examination of someone carrying out the responsibilities of the job. Through this analysis, details of general tasks, functions, and responsibilities are laid out so that anyone that holds the proper qualifications can read the description and perform the job with great efficiency. But how many times have you found yourself on a job and it seemed as though you were constantly going behind somebody that clearly didn’t understand their job? When they don’t know how to perform their job, does it make it harder for you? How about the firm at-large?

The very same concept applies to our Faith and our fellow co-laborers. God gave us His Holy Word that gives a detailed analysis of the life of Jesus Christ. As Christians, or followers of life, we are to follow the job description of a believer that’s clearly laid out in scripture. It will help us perform our duties to our families and fellow men with the greatest level of efficiency. But would you agree that it is really hard to perform a job with out having a solid grasp on the job description?

You don’t have to identify yourself… but how often is church the only place that we look at the scripture? How many times do we really pray when we are outside of the four walls of the church? Do we take any time during the week to think on things spiritual, other than on Sunday? Is the “scripture of the day” the full extent of your personal Bible Study?

Just like you identify those on the job that just gloss over the details, but have no solid grasp on their duties, the same applies to believers that don’t give preparation in the Word of God due diligence. The lack of preparation on the employee’s behalf makes it difficult for others on the job, but is a poor reflection on the firm. As believers, if we don’t have a solid grasp on what we are supposed to be doing, how does that affect marriages, families, work relationships…our personal salvation? And ultimately, how does that reflect on the Body of Christ? How easy is it to be deceived by someone that knows more than you do?

This week, let’s make a more concerted effort to be in-tune with our responsibilities as believers. Let’s open the Word of God and become more familiar with our job description.

Closing Thought: How much time can you dedicate each day to learning more about your responsibilities as a Christian

Closing Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:!5… in what ways can you work to perfect your faith.


– Eld. Timothy Wright, Jr.