Pastor Wright 60th Birthday

Pastor Wright 60th Birthday

On Saturday, September 28, 2013, Pastor Wright was given a SURPRISE birthday party to celebrate his 60th! It took place in a special section of Virginia Beach called Sandbridge Beach at Little Island Park. A week out, the forecast was blue skies, sunshine, and a warm temperature. The day of the event was overcast and extremely windy! But we braved the wind to show our love.

Pastor and First Lady had to attend a funeral the morning of the party. At home, it seemed as though he may have been on to something…constantly walking into thing things, but his daughter, Dedra, was quick on her feet in creating a diversion. As soon as he left, it was all systems go! Being in communication with First Lady, she was able to get him to drive out to the park straight from the funeral (thus his attire). Sandbridge, as lovely as it is, is no short drive. Later on, when asked what was on his mind as he was driving.

“Why in the world does she [Verdonda] have me driving all the way out here? I had half the mind to say drop me off at home!”

But when he pulled up to the park, he was surprised to see family, friends, fraternity brothers, and church members there to wish him a happy birthday. Notwithstanding the wind, the sun eventually came out and it was an enjoyable afternoon.

Below is a little montage from the party along with some still shots. I you have any pictures to share, forward them to us!

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